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Control and Management for all Visimetrics Digital CCTV systems
"CONTROL SMS" is the unified application for managing the entire range of Visimetrics DVR Servers, IP Encoders and NVR's. CONTROL SMS is the key to a highly flexible and scaleable network based approach which seamlessly integrates all systems regardless of type, compression or location.
  • Control and Management for all Visimetrics Digital CCTV systems
  • Single, easy to use package handles all Engineering, Operational and Administrative functions
  • Multiple level user access with secure audit trail
  • Secure management of image export to various formats including USB HDD and "movie format" DVD
  • Supports H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, JPEG2000 & MJPEG 
  • Operates via LAN, WAN or ADSL/SDSL
A powerful feature of CONTROL SMS is ease of use. With no special PC skills or knowledge required, Operators, Managers and Engineers rapidly become familiar with functionality to perform key practical tasks with very little training.

From an operational point of view, CONTROL SMS pays particular attention to the secure, auditable export of images for use by third parties such as the Police and is able to provide a verifiable audit trail which records all access and movement of images.

Access is controlled on an individual User Logon basis for CONTROL SMS and the systems are networked so Administrators can tightly control access by named individuals to certain systems only if required.

For further information including product features and specifications please download the CONTROL datasheet below.