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RAID Array
In many large scale Digitally Recorded CCTV systems there is an inevitable need for additional storage, as hard disk capacity requirements exceed those available within a DVR itself. In addition, many specifications call for separate storage devices to manage increased redundancy, resilience and in extreme cases the provision of data, by removing hard disks without effectively closing down the recording operation. 

Visimetrics range of RAID Array devices addresses these issues and is designed to work specifically with our well established range of Digital Video Recorders and IP Encoders. RAID Array provides users with a truly integrated high capacity storage solution without compromise at any level. Designed and implemented entirely for digital recording within CCTV and Surveillance applications, RAID Array provides robust evidential storage with full fault tolerance.

Available in either 1U (4-bay), 2U (8 or 12-bay), 3U (16 drive bay) or 5U (24 drive bay) rack mount variants, Visimetrics RAID Array has been optimised to provide hardware RAID levels 1, 5 or 6 (default) ensuring virtually any storage and redundancy requirement can be achieved.
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RAID Array
RAID Array