Protect, monitor and manage your Branches, Cash Centres, Data Centres and ATM's with Visimetrics integrated CCTV systems.
Banks & Financial Institutions
Banks and financial institutions remain critical sites for the capture and storage of video evidence. Yet despite the resource intensive nature of security investigations requiring on-site investigations using aging recording equipment with inconsistent results many institutions remain technically averse to implementing network based DVR solutions to bring their security requirements into the overall corporate organisation.

Most financial organisations have reaped the operational benefit within there core business from the growth in available bandwidth allowing multi-site secure operations running seamlessly across most geographical areas. The DVR is basically another business operation that can be incorporated within the overall network framework of the corporation allowing the secure access of video and associated data to any authorised location on network.
Visimetrics are enabling many of the largest financial institutions to incorporate video surveillance into their corporate network infrastructure to significantly aid the business operation and reduce overall operating costs with improved, consistent and instantly available surveillance to anywhere on the network.

Utilising any mix of the systems from our Digital Evidence Recorder product range provides financial institutions with evidentially and operationally robust solutions. In order to maximise investment and fully utilise the power of evidence recording, implementing data recording from sources such as Access Control Systems, ATM’s or Cash Tills all supplied seamlessly onto the network can be integrated with and reviewed in synchronisation with the video evidence. This significantly raises the evidential impact of video recordings from solely visual verification to confirmed and detailed actions visually verified.