“Visimetrics system architecture offers the flexibility the University needs to implement a fully integrated security system in the future"

Sandy Shaw, Security Manager, University of Wolverhampton

Campus CCTV
In today’s society, security and surveillance have become major considerations for every organisation involved in owning or operating facilities. With the demands of maintaining the safety of all personnel across large or geographically separated sites the use of detection and monitoring technology in aiding your situation awareness is essential. Visimetrics utilise escalation awareness to provide facilities operators with automated visual and audio confirmation in raising the status of events within your facility.

Incorporating sensor technology with networked digital CCTV provides on demand situation awareness to any networked location ensuring those holding responsibility for making the decisions on security are fully aware of the events within their facility, either local or remote.
With security and surveillance requirements such as external video motion detection, permitted entry restricted through access control or goods tracked via RFID integration becoming commonplace, Visimetrics networked solutions provide the cohesion in gathering all of this information centrally in an easy to use, visually verifiable solution.