“With Visimetrics we have achieved an exceptional recording system with superb image and audio quality, ease of use and scalability"

Laurie Galea, Casino Director, “The Casino” Portomaso, Malta

Casino Surveillance
Casino surveillance presents digital recording systems with some of the toughest technical challenges possible. With a typical requirement set of "must-haves" including:
  • Full frame (D1) recording in real-time - All the time
  • Lip synchronised DVD quality audio
  • Instant access to recordings to resolve current disputes
  • Image manipulation tools to verify any disagreements on details

all coupled with total reliability just to allow gaming to commence. Obtaining a detailed image of chips and cards alongside clear audio, whilst taking into account the dim ambient lighting, flashing displays and dark green, blue or red backgrounds is no easy task.

Visimetrics digital recording solutions provide casino operators with the cutting-edge technology necessary for a complete digital surveillance solution. Whilst adhering to stringent gaming regulations our solutions facilitate very precise monitoring of the casino table environment with highly efficient search and replay tools ensuring ease of use to match the sound and image quality. Now you can focus precisely on the detail of cards and chips, distinguishing numbers or colours easily, even from unfavourable viewing angles or under adverse lighting conditions.

Utilising the latest digital architecture to provide surveillance and security for customers, staff and casino assets, is easily achieved Visimetrics systems. Mixing FASTAR and VADER within a single recording solution ensures all gaming tables achieve the highest possible resolution, frame rate and quality of image while “non gaming” surveillance can typically be recorded at lower rates. This illustrates an optimum performance to cost ratio, an essential requirement for all casino environments.