"We now have a secure, standardised, force-wide CCTV system, accessed easily and seamlessly by all appropriate individuals. The quality of evidence we are now recording is excellent as is the on-going commitment and support from Visimetrics."

Mick White, Force CCTV Liaison Officer, Kent Police
Custody CCTV
The use of CCTV has become an invaluable tool in the administration of custody suites. Not only does it provide safeguards for detainees and operational staff alike but it enhances the public's confidence in the management and use of the custodial process.
Custody areas, by there nature, require very high levels of detail and clarity in both audio and video content. Lip-synchronised audio 
recordings are as essential as image quality where the effects of compression can prevent the recognition of small, but often crucial, detail.
Visimetrics custodial recording solutions provide authorities with very high quality video and audio evidence easily accessed and managed across the network making site, force or area wide solutions commonplace. The overall solution delivers the capture and storage technology necessary for
implementing a robust recording solution. Our fully monitored systems are configured in optional RAID levels with the capacity to achieve 90 day storage periods and beyond.

Managing the evidence through the intuitive interface allows operational staff to quickly find and export key incidents all under the close scrutiny of an auditable log. Operators can easily and quickly create incident history with a sequential playlist of events from multiple cameras, seamlessly export incidents to movie DVD format for ease of transport or view and listen to live events as they unfold all across the network.

Visimetrics custodial solutions have been developed in conjunction with users of custodial CCTV systems to deliver the functionality to meet the expectations and practical requirements of recording video and audio within custody applications.