“Visimetrics solution has now become an essential tool in reducing crime and the fear of crime in and around our stations"

Richard Hands, Senior Project Manager, Virgin Trains

Public Space CCTV
With town and city centres increasingly being flooded with crowds of people visiting pubs, restaurants, shops and markets it is often difficult to keep tabs on what is going on. Commercial areas that are busy with customers are unfortunately becoming equally more appealing to the criminal fraternity. 

Responsibly addressing the need to maintain the safety of shoppers, tourists and residents, local authorities require robust digital recording solutions with image quality of the highest degree. Selecting the optimum recording solution to provide the critical digital evidence that will inevitably be rigorously reviewed for the finest detail is paramount in maintaining the confidence of authority staff, Police, the Criminal Justice System and the local community.

A Visimetrics solution permits custom designed hardware to fulfil the recording requirements for not only today, but critically within a local authority funded environment, for the future. Our hybrid range of recording systems provides the highest recording resolution (D1) and image quality achievable in real time. 
As any incident review will be focused around the digital evidence recorded it is paramount that ease of use and ease of export permit users to locate and copy the images swiftly. Visimetrics Control system enables the export of evidence directly to playable DVD for use within standard DVD players. All parties within the Criminal Justice System can easily review the evidence without requiring a PC with bespoke software to review the incidents. This simplicity of export to a common format provides an end to end solution for the digital export of evidence from recorder through to review within court – at last providing alternative to image loss associated with the transfer of digital evidence to video tape for review within courts.