"Integrate your visual, audio and transactional data to maximise your surveillance investment with Visimetrics retail solutions"
Retail Surveillance
Retailers of all sizes are recognising the opportunity in utilising digital video in association with core product information such as EPoS, EAS and RFID to build multi-layered “pictures” of transaction, location and status information of goods. This combination of information assists directly in addressing many of the operational issues faced by retailers such as shrinkage, personal safety and product contamination.

Visimetrics digital recording solutions provide real-time audio, video and transaction information available to any location on the network. This enables loss prevention control to review a single source of information through the management of the digital video recorder. The information available contains multiples of corroborating evidence from core product information of EPoS, EAS or RFID providing a full audio, visual log directly searchable by core retail data.
Multi-site operations will reap a significant return on investment through the integration of existing technologies overlaid with networked video. The availability of this information centrally significantly reduces investigation timescales, costs and operational overhead on all retail businesses